Sensient BioNutrients continues diversifying its robust Bloomgenix™ platform 

Expanding toolbox of ingredients allows formulators to design solutions to boost crop yield, provide…

22% of consumers say they don’t understand the difference between prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic, even though they intentionally consume it

By Glen Austin, Sensient BioNutrients, Senior Fermentation Solutions Manager In recent years, there has…

Reducing your overage means more cells to sell

In a single probiotic capsule, there are billions of CFUs – often from multiple…

Growing Bacillus can be fun! Enzymes

Sensient products provide the nitrogen source required for producing high enzymes activity.

Growing Bacillus can be fun! Sporulation

Explore deeper into Bacillus’ spore forming tendencies, key drivers for sporulation growth, and commercial benefits.

Growing Bacillus can be fun! Introduction

While Bacillus can do a lot of things for commercial applications, it is important to note its strengths and challenges. Learn more.

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