High-Performance Biostimulant Ingredients

BloomGenix™ is an eco-friendly, animal-free line of Biostimulant ingredients derived from yeast and various plant sources. These are abundant in free amino acids, bioactive and hormone-like peptides, B-vitamins, trace elements and even nucleic acids to stimulate overall plant growth.

We offer varying levels of functional components across these ingredients to create Biostimulant formulations that deliver effects such as :

  • Improved uptake of nutrients (NUE)
  • Ability for crops to withstand abiotic stress
  • Enhanced crop quality and yield

They can be easily used on their own, or formulated with other active ingredients or NPK fertilizers. Their applications methods can span from foliar spraying, soil amendments to even seed treatments. BloomGenix™ improves total crop yield and marketable yield, thereby offering high incremental revenues for growers.

Contact us to learn more about the BloomGenix™ line and we can help you identify the right solutions tailored to your formulation needs.

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