Reducing your overage means more cells to sell

In a single probiotic capsule, there are billions of CFUs – often from multiple probiotic strains. In order to produce a large amount of high-quality capsules, probiotic manufacturers must grow healthy, resilient probiotics. These strains need to be produced in extremely high quantities with enough strength to survive lyophilization and enough potency to remain active for their entire shelf life.

No matter how robust a probiotic strain is grown, there will always be cell deaths in the capsule by the end of its shelf life. So how can you guarantee CFU beyond a packaging date? By incorporating an overage.

An overage is the number of live cells required in excess of the stated label claim to ensure the claim remains valid through product’s shelf life. This is necessary because culture stability, water activity, package permeability and heat exposure all factor into cell death. The problem is, overages cost money and they fill even more of the very limited space in each capsule. Manufacturers are putting more live cells than necessary into a product in order to account for cell death. With a more potent strain, fewer cells would be needed in each capsule to meet guaranteed CFU and ultimately more capsules can be produced and sold after each fermentation.

Sensient’s probiotic nutrient solutions are specifically designed to give probiotic strains the nutrients they require to grow healthy and strong. These products have proven to increase cell potency and ultimately reduce cell death in the capsule, leading to lower overage numbers necessary for probiotic manufacturers. Contact us to learn more about our probiotic nutrient solutions and how we can help to reduce your capsule overage.

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