Fermented Ingredients

Fermented ingredients such as enzymes, organic acids, amino acids, vitamins, biopolymers, and alcoholic beverages are used in diverse markets such as food and drinks, dietary supplements, animal and plant nutrition, pharmaceuticals, biofuels and industrial. These ingredients are produced directly or sometimes as a by-product of a very complex fermentation process involving unique microbial strains.

Business and Innovation leaders are challenged with:

  • Complex microbial strain portfolio
  • Reducing fermentation cycle times
  • Biomass yield and quality improvement
  • Downstream processing
    • Purity of product
    • Reduction of by-products
  • Accelerating time to market


The nutritional requirements of microbes can vary between and within species, and finding the correct mix of balanced nutrients can be challenging. Our solutions include enriched yeast extracts and peptones that can satisfy the diverse nutrient needs of microbial strains of: Bacillus spp., Lactobacillus spp., Saccharomyces spp., Aspergillus spp. and other species used in fermentation applications.

Commitment to Quality and Safety:

  • Consistent ingredients
  • Allergen-free options—Gluten, Dairy, Soy and others
  • Food grade, Kosher, Animal Free, Halal, Non-GMO
  • Organic compliant options

Please contact us to learn how our innovative solutions can address your business needs.

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