Who We Serve

Our nutrient solutions have a wide range of applications in the fermentation and nutritional supplement markets. Our customers include producers of:

  • Live cultures that are used in probiotics, dairy and biocontrol applications
  • Fermented ingredients such as enzymes, organic acids, amino acids, vitamins, biopolymers, and alcoholic beverages
  • Nutritional supplements used in animal nutrition and cosmetics industries

We offer innovative new products, with a faster time to market—essential in this turbulent global marketplace. Our expansive portfolio of products offer tangible nutritional benefits with solid scientific documentation. Our global supply chain and sourcing flexibility offers shorter lead times—to help you get to market faster. Our consistent sourcing ensures you receive the highest quality raw ingredients.

What makes our yeast extract unique? Using our proprietary processing methods for the incoming raw material, we are able to produce a diverse range of yeast and yeast extract products. Each of which contains different nutrient profiles that allow for a targeted optimization of your specific organisms’ growth media.

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